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Hello, welcome!  If you are here for the first time because you are an old friend, you just heard me on the radio, or coming by to say hello from the old blog site as we transition – whatever brought you here, I’m glad you came! 

While More Than Single is a new project for me, its concepts are not new to my heart. Last summer Family Life (a local Christian Radio Station that I used to work for) approached me out of the blue and asked if I would consider writing and voicing radio features for them to encourage singles. 

Truth? I wanted to say no. I used to be frightened of microphones, and the thought of a bazillion people knowing about my personal relational life was not appealing. But the biggest reason was simply because I just didn’t want to be known as a singles speaker or writer. I’d worked so hard to accept and embrace singleness, but not let it define me. I don’t walk around thinking about how single I am on a daily basis and writing and speaking on it would bring a focus and awareness back to my life that I wasn’t keen on. My dreams for years were to be a marriage and relational counselor and speak, write, and teach on that. This felt like the opposite. 

 Thankfully, in talking with friends, dealing with and healing from my fears, and nudges from the Holy Spirit I said yes, and More Than Single began to take shape. This fall the Holy Spirit reminded me that this was not supposed to be difficult, I had a full 10 plus years of walking singleness with Him and all I needed to do was let that pour out. How beautiful! 

Writing about singleness is not the opposite of original dream to write speak and teach on marriage and relationships but rather an incredible invitation to expand the dream to encompass more. Everyone of us has relationships (married, single, old, young, male, female and the principles of love remain the same) and the call on my life is to speak life into and over people and relationships. That’s why I’m here.

Romans 14:17 says that the Kingdom of God is Righteousness, Joy, & Peace in the Holy Spirit. I want to bring the Kingdom of God to singleness. I hope you join me.

 At More Than Single, you’ll find things I wrote years ago as I was struggling to understand that marriage was not “better” and what my place and value was in this world, and you’ll come along with me as I write what’s currently on my heart (like community). The old posts will be updated and edited, while the new ones fresh off the press will be unedited and raw. They will be mixed together in a smorgesborge of old and new, joy, tears, and raw, real life. 

 Please hop on over to the About page to hear more of where I am at personally and what my heart is for More Than Single.

 I also invite you to check out the Radio Features page and follow through to Family Life where you can hear all of radio recordings I’ve done to date, as well as other Resources they have for singles. (I’m speaking at their conference in February – go check it out!) I’m deeply grateful to Family Life for this idea and opportunity along with pushing me out of my comfort zone in a loving way.

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 Thanks for being here! 

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

What I love about being Single.

What I love about being Single.