Hello, my name is Katie Bernier.

I’m so glad you are here. For real. Welcome to the journey. Welcome to a look at life through the eyes of a 30 something single gal who is in leadership and full time ministry, carries a creative and sassy side but most of all loves deeply.

I don’t have this singleness thing figured out, ya’ll, but I do know God is faithful, good, and loves me deeply. I know that my value doesn't change in His eyes if I’m married or single.

I’m here to show up for my life and live it to the fullest in every season. I want to be married and a lot of the blogs here show the journey of wrestling with that unfulfilled desire, while also loving my life now. Emotional health and wholeness along with being created for and passionate about community mark my life and therefore my singleness. More Than Single is about the fullness of life we are created to live beyond a relational status. Singleness is a fact of my life that describes it, but it doesn’t define my life. And that goes for you too, reader :). Your life and mission don’t start when and if you get married. They start now. The Kingdom of God is waiting to come to earth through you!

Ministry and leadership are a big part of my life and currently I oversee a discipleship training school. I’m passionate about lifestyle discipleship and seeing people freed to be all that they are meant to be in Christ.

I often wish I was Joanna Gaines and try to be a DIY Queen on a regular basis. Last week that landed me in the ER with stitches. Let’s just say I’ll be getting some new drill bits and won’t be rock climbing for a bit.

Nothing makes me happier than a good cup of coffee. And when I say good, I mean GOOD. Like locally roasted, or fair trade organic jazz. At the very least, Starbucks. Yes, I’m one of those people. Proudly. And my coffee bar takes up an entire wall in my dining-room. I also believe that food should not just be tasty, but nourishing and beautiful too; a call to community. And oh boy, I can put together a cheese board that will make you drool and rivals no other -magazine worthy.

If you’re into the Enneagram, I’m a 6 who bravely shows up every day. I’ve got some of the worst dance moves you’ve ever seen, and I love my wine the way I love humor - dry. But most importantly, I hope that you find encouragement and hope here. You are not alone in your journey, and Jesus still has so much adventure and purpose for you! Stick around, read a bit and share with a friend. If you are encouraged please feel free to subscribe below. Be blessed.